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Enjoying Ledman 1,200 m2 8K UHD Glasses-free 3D Curved Screen on Beijing Road

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"Look, there is a vivid dragon on the Xindaxin Department Store!"

On the newly-opened Beijing Road,

the gorgeous Shizixing Street is teeming with people. 


Everyone is looking up

at the facade of the Xindaxin Department Store, 

where Ledman Apexls UHD LED is

1200 m2


This outdoor display is the largest

of its kind in China.

Its glasses-free 3D effect, curved screen

 and 8K UHD

bring breathtaking images full of

Guangzhou's millennia-old business and culture

What an awesome miracle!

  Creative LED Contributes to a Cool and Fashionable Century-old Store

  Beijing Road, which is a pedestrian street in Guangzhou City, ranks third in China as a "World Outstanding Tourist Destination". It is an observation point of the United Nations World Tourism Organization for the innovation and development of cultural, business and tourism integration. Its history can be traced back to the central axis of the ancient city at the end of Qin Dynasty, where the level and density of cultural relics are rare in the country .

  Xindaxin Department Store is located at the junction of Beijing Road and Zhongshan No. 5 Road, backed by the Department of Finance of Guangdong Province, and adjacent to the Archaeological Site Museum of Nanyue Palace. It is one of the earliest four major department stores in Guangdong and is Guangzhou's earliest and only still-operating witness of commercial street development.

  Ledman Apexls "rejuvenates" the Xindaxin Department Store by using an outdoor customized creative LED display solution that features "ultra 8K LED display, glasses-free 3D, and AR interaction". In this way, the century-old store becomes "fashionable and cool".

  The largest glasses-free 3D UHD curved LED screen in China covers an area of about 1,200 m2, with a resolution over 9,440 points horizontally and 3,520 points vertically. It was successfully delivered to the Xindaxin Department Store and presented to tourists as scheduled after solving various technical difficulties, including "non-electronic drawing accounting", "building balance measurement", "load-bearing load", and "fire power distribution".

  This screen features a large display area, high definition, strong visual impact, wide viewing angle, and rich colors. Tourists can enjoy spatial and three-dimensional images without 3D glasses and other auxiliary equipment due to the glasses-free 3D technology. In addition, tourists can participate in interactions by using AR technology projection, scanning QR codes to download apps, pushing blessings to the large screen, drawing lottery on site, and grabbing red envelopes, which diversifies business operators' marketing activities and stimulates consumer demand.


A dragon is soaring and roaring in the sky.


Five Goats left behind tremendous abundance.


When looking for nostalgic memories in the business street,


You will find Guangzhou takes on a new, smart look.

Giant glasses-free 3D UHD 8K display

One after another scenes

show us

the city's past and present,

tradition and modernity,

fact and fable.

  Ledman Apexls creative LED display integrated solution highlights the pulling effect of the Xindaxin Department Store radiated trading areas, landmark buildings, and mainstream urban consumer groups, which keeps the eternal vitality of the millennia-old shopping street. It is awarded as an art and aesthetics model of "business, tourism, culture" integrated development, and provides more possibilities for creating urban business travel highlights, scientific visualization (science museums, history museums, exhibition halls, etc.), education, teaching, and media entertainment.

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